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What is a CSA?
CSA Stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA allows you to
have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally.
When you become a member of our CSA, you’re purchasing a “share”
of the harvest. You can help support this year’s crop with money up
front for a membership, and in exchange, each week during the season,
you will receive a box of veggies directly from ‘The Farm’.

Is a CSA for Me? It is an investment you’ll want to consider.

Some questions to ponder:

Do I love vegetables? Because some weeks you get up to 25lbs.

Do I like cooking?
You’re going to get fresh, unprocessed food. Whole
carrots with the green tops still attached. Lettuce and onions with dirt
still clinging to the roots.

Do I travel a lot?
CSA is a weekly commitment for the entire late Spring,
Summer, and early Fall. If you travel frequently, you’ll need to think
about what will happen on the weeks you can’t get your box.

Am I okay with the “shared risk” of being a CSA member?

With a CSA, you really do own a share of the farm. If there’s a bumper
crop, well then you’re golden, but if there are floods or drought or a
pest problem, you get that too. It is a risk.

A CSA is not a supermarket. Consider this before joining.

Some of the veggies we grow
Lettuce • Greens • Tomatoes • Cabbage • Carrots • Beets
Radishes • Peas • Green Beans • Peppers
Winter Squash • Cucumbers • Onions • Garlic • Herbs
Cauliflower •
Broccoli • Chard • Kale • Zucchini

In addition to veggies, members can purchase farm fresh eggs for
$5.00 per dozen.

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